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Witness the wilderness with your own eyes.

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We are Arctic Travel Concepts

Arctic Travel Concepts are explorers and globetrotters who gladly walk that extra mile in search of the ultimate adventure. Escape the hectic city and the mundane daily stresses of life and join us for a once in a lifetime experience.

Experience our expertises

Our guides know secrets retreats and remarkable escapes
and can take you to places one can only dream of.

Sightseeing in an exclusive spot.


No matter which of our destinations you choose or what you long to experience our remarkable guides will be able to take you to astonishing spots where your senses will be dazzled. If you have special preferences let our guides know and they will do their best to for fill your wishes. Close

Get an authentic local experiences.


Immerse yourself in another culture by eating where the locals are and trying their exotic cuisine, follow our guide to the pub and hear the tall tales of the locals. Perhaps a day of shopping near your hotel is the best way to get a feel for the natives and their country. Close

Go deep into the arctic.


Snow scooter, skis, hiking, dogs or boat; no matter how you decide to experience the arctic we have a wide range of means to get there. Naturally a combination in some situations is the ideal recipe. Close

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Arctic Hiking
(Faroe Islands)

4 days hiking adventure around the historical parts of Faroe Islands with waterfalls and spectaqular scenery.

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The Russian Ghost town

4 days summer adventure to Longyearbyen and Pyramiden ”The Russian Ghost town”, under the midnight sun.

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Outer Lofoten

Four days of “rorbu” holiday in the magic archipelago with white beaches and majestic mountains inviting adventurers from all over the world.

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Secrets of The West

West Iceland Summer Experience. Explore magical landscapes and volcanos far away from the crowds of Reykjavik.

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Our Journey

We offer adventures and expeditions in the unique environment around the arctic circle; you can find us where northern lights appear and where climate change no longer is a theory.

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