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Arctic Expedition (Svalbard)

A completely unique round trip expedition to Svalbard, where we drive snowmobiles between Longyearbyen, Svea and Barentsburg, and overnight in all three places!



Snowmobile adventure, Barentsburg, authentic accommodation, Arctic landscape and wilderness

What you need to know

Description Accommodation
(Svea) The rooms are simple but comfortable and there is a hot shower waiting in every room. The rooms have a private bedroom, a small living room and a private bathroom with shower. (Barentsburg Hotel) has newly-refurbished rooms with ensuite toilet, shower/bath and tv in every room. (Svalbard Hotell Elvesletta) is Longyearbyen’s newest hotel with modern nordic design and a perfect cetral location in the heart of the village.
Recommended Equipment
Wind proven jacket and suitable winter clothing
Group size and age limitation
Minimum: 8 persons

Max: 20 persons

Age limit: 18 years
When to go
February to April
On demand

What’s included?

  • Airport transfer upon arrival
  • Lunch at Longyearbyen on the first day
  • Snowmobile rental three days
  • Two people per scooter and this includes fuel
  • One night in Svea, including breakfast and dinner (shared double room)
  • One night at Barentsburg Hotel, including breakfast and dinner (shared double room)
  • One night at Svalbard Hotel (shared double room) incl. breakfast.
  • Expedition lunches on the second and third day.

What’s not included?

  • Flights to Longyearbyen
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Airport transfer on the last day

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